Making Authy work with MailChimp
Posted Aug 02 2013 by Ryan Thrash with Comment(s)

I've used Google 2-Step Verification for months to protect my Google Apps logins, using the Google Authenticator App on my phone. However, a good friend just pointed me to Authy, which supports additional apps including Dropbox, Facebook and others. It bills itself as Two-Factor Authentication without the hassle, and I agree! What I missed immediately though was connecting back into my MailChimp account.

A quick search for "Authy MailChimp" gave me nothing. Turns out, though, it's not so hard.

By the way, there's a couple of reasons to use two-factor authentication with MailChimp. First, it's a lot more secure—so really you should use it with everything possible. Second, you get a discount off paid plans at MailChimp. We save $15/month or so.

Simply login to your …

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HTML5 Logo: Fu or Fail?
Posted Jan 19 2011 by Ryan Thrash with Comment(s)

The W3C is trying to do something awesome for web technology as viewed by the general public: give them a visual language on which to frame their understanding of the modern web. I suspect they hope it will help having their kids not look at them with that tilted-confused-dog-face look when mom and dad try to mention all the newfangled HTML 5 hotness.

Many of the thought leaders in web technology and design including Jeremy Keith, the Grubinator, folks at Ajaxian, Hoefler+Frere-Jones—and others that will comment soon I'm sure—basically agree it's gracious to call it overreaching, and more akin to an awkward kid at a high school dance trying to look cool. In reality he's pretty much spasmodically flailing around like a mental patient.

In short the early consensus can be overly simplified: A for effort (it is nice looking!); …

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