A Staged Image

This slider setting is ideal for large panoramic billboard style displays.

When using this setting all you need to do is create an image 960px * 340px and it will be placed on top of the staging effect you see here.

Another Staged Image

Alternatively, since the image you add floats to the right, this layout also looks great with image dimensions 600px * 340px.

If you like you can also add a button like the one below.

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A Staged and Framed Image

With this slide effect simply create an image with dimensions 600px * 340px and the staging effect and frame will be added automatically.

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My career and lots of free time is consumed by all things MODx—if you need a website, chances are you need MODx.

Four things you should know about Ryan

Family + Faith

1I am crazy about my family: wife, kids, parents and in-laws too! My faith in Christ as my personal savior affects who I am, how I think, and what I do. I'm not pushy about it, but am open to share what it means to me.

MODX Spoken Here

2Bits and bytes make me smile. In 1984 I started programming but I'm a terrible coder today—except for CSS, which I grok really well. I get what code can do at a high-level and how to apply it to make things better. Usually.

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Loves Food and Friends

3There's no better way to spend time with folks than breaking bread. A foodie in search of flavor, texture and technique, my dream is to travel through Europe attending cooking classes, capped by dinner at elBulli.

Nom Nom ...
Toys are Fun Too

4The proper tool makes all the difference. Kitchen gear, construction techniques, hand tools, mobile tech, transportation and other things that would have been handy had Y2K not been a non-event all fascinate me.