Then, the Unthinkable Happens
Posted Aug 13 2010 by Ryan Thrash with Comment(s)

It's so easy to get caught up in daily life, and to brush off taking time for others until tomorrow. Then, when you least expect it, life has an incredibly harsh way of reminding you how lucky you really are. I'm guilty of this every day and completely negligent with my own family. I take them for granted.

Cherish your life and those around you. Take moments to enjoy the little things. It's easy to dismiss those closest to you, but good grief—wake up! Spend time with them, focused on every minute detail and whim.

Two friends said goodbye to their adorable baby girl today, completely without warning. She was only 1, an incredibly happy baby girl, with the cutest modified-army-crawl you have ever seen. To say her parents were head-over-heals-in-love with her would be an understatement at best.

I'm crying as I …

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HTML5 Logo: Fu or Fail?
Posted Jan 19 2011 by Ryan Thrash with Comment(s)

The W3C is trying to do something awesome for web technology as viewed by the general public: give them a visual language on which to frame their understanding of the modern web. I suspect they hope it will help having their kids not look at them with that tilted-confused-dog-face look when mom and dad try to mention all the newfangled HTML 5 hotness.

Many of the thought leaders in web technology and design including Jeremy Keith, the Grubinator, folks at Ajaxian, Hoefler+Frere-Jones—and others that will comment soon I'm sure—basically agree it's gracious to call it overreaching, and more akin to an awkward kid at a high school dance trying to look cool. In reality he's pretty much spasmodically flailing around like a mental patient.

In short the early consensus can be overly simplified: A for effort (it is nice looking!); …

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