AAPL: Here We Go Again
Posted Apr 18 2013 by Ryan Thrash with Comment(s)

Apple stock dipped near $400 yesterday (April 17, 2013). They release earnings next Tuesday. Historically speaking and if memory serves me correctly, $AAPL almost always dips after earnings reports—buying on the selloff due to “disappointment” would be my play if getting back into $AAPL.

The stock is currently getting negative sentiment from (arguably hack) analysts (with historically goofy track records on $AAPL) listening to Digitimes supplier checks (not a historically reliable source) … but my gut says it’s a buy around here. Foxxcon, their leading supplier is trying to hire 10,000 new employees to build stuff—you do the math. Oh, and they sell north of $4B a week (their average last quarter) and have ~$140B in the bank

What could Apple do … they're doomed, right?

There’s a few things Apple …

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